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"The metaverse—the 3D internet—is delivering enormous opportunities for everyone. From artists building content across multiple 3D tools, developers building AIs trained in virtual worlds, or enterprises building digital twin simulations of their industrial processes, metaverse applications are here, and everywhere."

"NVIDIA Omniverse™, an extensible platform based on Universal Scene Description (USD), is helping make it happen by enabling individuals and teams to build custom 3D pipelines and simulate large-scale virtual worlds faster than ever."

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TimedomAIn is a technology company that focuses on AI. We aim to make AI meet the emotional needs of human beings and endow AI with the ability to express emotion through “Rich-Emotion” human voice synthesis technology.

Download the extension

Download and Install Instructions for the timedomain.ai.singer Extensions

1、Download or clone this repo, for example in C:\projects\timedomain-ai-singer

2、In the Omniverse App open extension manager: Window → Extensions.

3、In the Extension Manager Window open a settings page, with a small gear button in the top left bar.

4、In the settings page there is a list of Extension Search Paths. Add cloned repo exts subfolder there as another search path: C:\projects\timedomain-ai-singer\exts

Register Dependence

Because we depend on audio2face's omni.audio2face.player_deps, we need resgister some configurations

the extension registries to add is: omniverse://kit-extensions.ov.nvidia.com/exts/kit/default


  • Create lifelike human singing voices with one click
  • Choose from a rich variety of voice library
  • Mix up to 10 singer voices to create your own singing
  • Support utafomatix file which can be converted from almost all kinds of singing score format
In the Omniverse Extension browser (Window | Extensions menu entry), search for timedomain.ai.singer and toggle 'Enable' and 'Autoload'.

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